Continuing Education

Quarterly Meetings, Case Reviews, and Cadaver Labs

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Quarterly Meetings 

These invaluable information sharing sessions are held both in person and virtually to allow participants, from 25 states serviced by Medsurant, to stay informed in real time. Attendees acquire CEUs while engaging in talks on various Neurodiagnostic topics. Lecturers come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines - both inside and outside of the Sensory Testing Systems /Medsurant family.

Case Reviews

Team members participate in case reviews conducted by Medsurant's Internal QA Board comprised of technicians, MDs, and PhDs. This review of a patient's neurodiagnostic care ensures that the testing and modalities performed were the optimum course of treatment for that particular patient and surgery type.

Cadaver Labs

Cadaver labs give IONM technologists a unique perspective allowing them to see what the surgeon sees in the operating field. These labs provide the opportunity to use, manipulate, and insert instruments and hardware on a real human body. Participating surgeons, PAs and instrumentation representatives are present to answer any questions and provide insight regarding hardware. This allows Sensory Testing Systems' personnel to compare notes and 'game plan' with the surgeon and hospital staff in an informal hands on environment.